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Usually if someone is interested in something on a regular basis or not,
we do like to start out with a good spring clean, if the customer wants one.

On a Spring Clean, the maids move all the furniture that’s movable … edge the carpets … wipe the baseboards … all the woodwork … any louver doors … mini-blinds or shutters … do the windowsills … clean all the knickknacks, pictures, mirrors, lamps … fans and globes … sliding doors and tracks ... outside the kitchen cabinet and outside the appliances … although we can clean inside them if you want … like for a move in or move out ... clean all the floors … bathrooms top to bottom … we’ll vacuum the furniture if a customer wants, that’s important to people with pets or construction dust.
The maids clean everything cleanable.
We can do a good General Clean, ... dust ... vacuum ... kitchen ... bathrooms ... floors ... fans ... sliding doors.
A Priority List if you want, porch furniture, front windows, inside refrigerator, and anything else.

Usually we send 2 maids, they bring everything they need, and have good speed.
They can do as much or as little as you want.
A Spring Clean … General Clean … or a Priority List.

Windows are normally priced differently and separately and a little more expensive.
But if someone is getting any cleaning done or if a condo, apartment or mobile home.
We can do any or all of the windows at our normal hourly rate.
So if you want us to do the front windows or family room windows, they will do whatever you want.
We always do sliding doors and tracks.

A good general clean, at least the first time, usually runs a little longer than it would normally.

If you are interested in something on a regular basis, every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or monthly,
what we like to do is send the maids the first time after the spring clean or the first general clean.
They can do whatever you want them to do and it's done the way you want,
then we will know exactly how long it will take them on a regular basis.
If you are happy, you can invite us again, there is no obligation.
You can have the maids do different things when they come, like don’t worry about the bedrooms,
do the porch furniture or front windows instead, a priority list if you want.

Move In or Move Out

We edge around the carpets ... wipe baseboards ... all the woodwork ... any louver doors ... mini-blinds or shutters ... windowsills ... mirrors ... lamps ... fans and globes ... sliding doors and tracks ...
Inside and Outside the kitchen cabinet ... Inside and Outside the appliances … all the floors ... bathrooms top to bottom ... appliances we move them out to get the sides and under ... inside all the closets ... and everything we do on a spring-clean. We clean everything cleanable.
We can do any or all of the windows, Carpet Cleaning if you want.

Seasonal Rentals

Normally for beach rentals, we do a good general clean: dust, vacuum, floors, fans, sliding doors, bathrooms, kitchen; wash dishes, empty dishwasher, inside appliances and cabinets as needed, empty trash, and porch furniture.

We change beds, wash linens, wash and fold towels.

We can agree on a procedure for billing, restocking items, and laundry expense (if no washer and dryer in unit).
We can keep up on things that we usually do for a spring clean like sills, blinds, woodwork, mirrors, lamps, outside kitchen cabinets, etc.
We can do any or all of the windows at our hourly rate whenever needed.
We can do a spring clean in the beginning on the season if you would like.

Carpet and Upholstery

We use water heated to 212 degrees at 500# psi with deep extraction.
We can move all movable furniture and clean to the walls, or we can just clean the center of the room, or just the traffic areas. First we vacuum with a strong commercial Sanitaire vacuum to lift the pile and remove loose dirt. We spot treat any stains. We apply a cleaner and agitate it into the carpet.
We can apply a pet odor urine pretreatment if you need it. We clean and rinse at 212 degrees.
We can apply Scotchgard carpet and upholstery protector if you want.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning

We use cold water to 1,800# psi. electric motor and pump.
We can move all movable furniture. We can apply a cleaner.
Porch, patio, furniture, screen enclosures, awnings, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways.
Houses, carports, mobile homes, boats, RV's, decks, docks, fences etc.

Water Extraction